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Payment Terms & Conditions



Payment modes are as per below option:-You can visit any of our nearest Branch.

In case of Debit or Credit card payment, extra 3.8% on Debit Cards & 4.8% on credit cards will be incurred. You can deposit the payment in any of below mentioned banks.

Cheque Payment should be in favour of “Vkonnect Services Private Limited”

Bank Details


A/C Name

A/C No.



Vkonnect Services

00032560004934| IFSC

New Delhi (Address: G-3/4,

Private Limited

Code: HDFC0000003

Surya,Kiran building, 19,Kasturba

Gandhi, Marg, New Delhi-110001


Vkonnect Services

912020059721356| IFSC

Greater Noida (Address: D-

Private Limited


1,Alpha, Commercial belt-1,

Greater Noida-201308)

Payment Policy:-

  • 75% payment at the time of booking of package

  • 25% of the payment prior 15 days-7days of departure.

  • 100% payment in case of nearer departure date. (1-4 days )

  • Payment if not received within 7 days before departure date, booking is automatically Cancelled with No refund.

Please Note:

  • Minimum 75% Payment required for booking with any travel date .

  • Rest 25% required 15 days prior departure, in case of any default above 75% is non refundable & booking vouchers shall be put on hold till nal release of payment .

Note: 100 % Payment (Air tickets, Visa, Forex, Fixed departures (Airfares & Packages)

Note : All booking confirmations are made & considered only from:

From : bookings@vkonnectholidays.com cc : info@vkonnectholidays.com

  • Avoid cash payments without cash reciepts. Demand Cash reciepts once you make cash payment.

  • Delivery/pick up charges are extra for any cash/cheque payments , passport, booking vouchers.

Cancellations Policy:

  • 25 days & above: 35 % of Payment.

  • 25days – 14 Days before departure: 50 % of total payment.

  • Within 07 Days of Departure : 100 % payment - Non Refundable

Please Note: In case of any cancellation, refundable amount will be adjusted in next booking only. NO CASH REFUND APPLICABLE.

Govt Service Tax Applicable Slabs :- (APPLICABLE EXTRA)





Cash Deposit Policy:-

*Please Note: - Cash Deposit in ANY BANK.

Please Note that if a customer/agent deposits CASH in any of our company’s banks Accounts there is a charge of Rs. 100/- per 10000/- .The additional amount will be Charge in case of Cash deposits only. There is no charge on cheque transfers/online transfer/RTGS transfer/NEFT transfers Cash deposit in all banks with 1 % extra service charge.

Please Note:-

  • In case of Airfare / xed departures or special fares bookings, Fares provided are as on current date, can change any point of time & subjected to availability. Change in fares may apply at the time of booking.

  • In case of Stop or Bounced cheque payment, company is liable to take legal action against the owner of the cheque. INR 350/- will be charged against bounced cheque.

  • In case of cancellation of any booking on Fixed departures (Airfare + Packages) ,Air tickets , Holiday Packages , Visa , Forex, Cars , Bus necessary cancellation charges will apply.

  • In case of booking of budget category 2 star hotels or packages quality in services not is guaranteed.

  • Anything which is not included in inclusions consider it as excluded only. Any addon services taken apart from inclusion extra cost to paid at the time of check out .

  • Check hotels online prior booking conrmation any change or service issue related refund is not applicable after the trip ends.

  • Once holiday packages or any booking is conrmed, changes can't be made in the hotels, transfers or itineraries. Additional charges will be incurred for any up gradation or changes.

  • All International tours depends on availability . In case of any cancellation of a particular tour , shall be replaced by another tour or complimentary transfers only.

  • Any compliments like food coupons , additional meals ,meals ,Tours , Transfers if cancelled or missed , amount will be non refundable , if in cases of cancellation from our part amount will adjusted in booking or alternate arrangements will be made. Any issues (if found genuine )related to same will be sorted within the trip but not refundable.If not sorted amount will be adjusted in complimentary services or next booking only. Any services already taken by client and later if client suggest issues for used services, no refunds in such cases are applicable.

  • All inclusions in package will be as per the itinerary & time .

  • Any change in hotels are not possible after booking or while in the trip . Any up gradations in hotel rooms shall apply charges needs to paid extra before check out from hotel.

  • Any change in packages can be done before nal booking conrmation. Once booking has been conrmed no further change in booking is possible.

·Service taxes are mandatory

· In case of corporate groups TDS certificate is required at the time of booking for further processing .

In case of any discrepancy in opinions:

· In case here is any difference of opinion arising due to any interpretation or execution of any of the business terms, the same shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the appropriate court at Patna (Bihar) or Ranchi (Jharkhand).

Refund Policy:



  • All refunds if found genuine shall be processed 60 days from the time of booking.

  • In case of ight bookings, if there is any cancellation/refund scenarios from the airline. Refund shall not be guaranteed or processed to customers until refund received by us. Refund time Period will be: 60 days from the date of booking.

  • All Refunds are subjected to be adjusted in booking against products or services only.

  • Any refund is not applicable after the trip is over .


·In case of groups travelling international nal guest list names are required 20 days prior airline booking & Visa processing .

· In case of groups travelling domestic ,nal guest list names are required 15 days prior travel date for airline booking .


In case of travellers or groups travelling international , passport , photos, all visa processing

documents are required at the time of booking confirmation only.

  • For visa processing Time :: 15-20 days prior travel date depending on the country pre-requisite

  • In case of Visa , any delay or rejected cases embassy is reponsible , company is not liable . Actual Visa amount will be refunded only and amount can be adjusted only in booking.

  • In case of rejected visa and if air tickets already booked , company is not liable for any refunds of airfares. In case of cancellation or resheduling , charges will apply.

  • Company shall not be liable for any fake promises or any deals dealt outside company (without any information to company) with any ex or existing employee . In case of any discrepancy in such deal , company is not liable for any refunds or service.

Note: Referring to company terms & conditions are mandatory & any refunds or cancellation or payments will be dealt only on above mentioned criterias only.

  • In case of any compulsion for refund or harrassment from client/supplier if found will be handled & reported legally.

General Terms:

  • As a reliable travel agency of India, we provide you the best possible information about our products and services. However, it is suggested to all the customers for making personal investigation to avoid any confusion & mess. We will not be responsible for any delay or alteration in your trip because of any avoidable circumstances.

  • We are not responsible for any damage, loss or injury made during tour packages booked by us. You are responsible for your own safety measures.

  • We are also not answerable for any human error that has been overlooked by the clients and staff.

Terms & Conditions:- (International Bookings)

  • The rates are valid for Indian nationals residing in India only.

  • The penalty for name change and date change will incur as per the airline and the destination. If there are any additional airport / Airline taxes charged by the any airport / Airline at any destination, the customer shall bear the same. Vkonnect Holidays shall not be liable for the same.

Vkonnect reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate the access to any or all Vkonnect Holidays websites or its other sales channels and the related services or any portion thereof at any time, without notice, for general maintenance or any reason what so ever.

  • Vkonnect Holidays advise the appropriate time to apply the visa as per the embassy norms, visa will be send for application after receiving the visa documents. Shall there be any delay in receiving the documents/inappropriate documents or in granting the visa from the embassy Vkonnect Holidays will not be liable for the same.

  • Issuance of visa is in the sole discretion of embassy, Vkonnect Services Pvt. Ltd do NOT hold any guarantee for the same. In case the visa is rejected the cancelation policy will stand as it is. We strongly recommend the customers

to plan their trip well in advance to avoid cancelation charges.

  • All international packages apply as rate of exchange ( in USD) as per the current date. Any uctuations in prices or package costing will be borne by client.

  • Any Fluctuation or change in Rate of exchange for the foreign exchange component will be borne by client & Rate of exchange calculated 1 USD = INR 63.50 (The ROE on the inal day of payment or the con irmation day, whichever will be higher will be applicable).

  • The rates are subject to availability of airfare, accommodation, class of booking on the airline and sightseeing tours at the time of booking. Any price increment in the mentioned things will be borne by the customer.

  • In case if passenger is No Show/ooaded by the Airline for any reasons, the booking shall be considered as no show and no refund shall be made against any of the services booked through Vkonnect Holidays.

  • It is important to note that lead passenger in the name of the booking has been made need to be present at

the hotel while checking in. In case the lead passenger is not able to travel, he must give Signed Authority letter along with copy of his passport for the hotel to provide check in to rest of the family members.

  • If due to delay or cancelation of light, if the sightseeing (s)/ services are missed, the same service will be considered as unutilized service and no refund shall be made for the same.

  • If due to delay or cancelation of light, you do not appear in the hotel/ transfers at the specied time, Vkonnect Holidays will not be responsible for the same. The same shall be treated as no show.

  • We strongly suggest our customer to carry hard copy of complete Vouchers provided by VKONNECT to present the hotel and avail the services through the booking reference number. In case you do not present the vouchers at the hotel while checking in, Hotel can deny your booking and may not allow you to check in the hotel. In such situations Vkonnect Holidays cannot be made responsible for the same.

  • All the sightseeing tours and excursions are organized by local companies of various destinations. The timings and days of operation are subject to alteration. Changes, if any, will be informed accordingly.

  • Vkonnect Services Pvt Ltd. reserves the right to use an alternate accommodation or airfare of an equal or higher standard. The same shall be determined basis the reviews and ratings of the hotel placed on the internet.

  • Hotel star category is as per internet standardization and Vkonnect Holidays is not liable for same.

  • Seat-in-coach transfers are on ixed timings (Please report at the meeting point min 15 mins prior to the pickup time). Vkonnect Services Pvt. Ltd will not be responsible for any delay from the customers end.

  • No refunds either in part or in full will be made for any unutilized service.

  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice as per the Airline / hotel policy.

  • Bookings once conrmed are subject to cancellation charges which shall be advised at the time of making booking.

 “In event of cancellation of the tour package on any grounds, the cancellation policy will apply”

· Flight cancellation charges will depend on Airlines. INR 500/- Per Person will be applicable extra as Vkonnect Holidays service fee. In case the name provided by the customer to book any ticket / hotel is not as per the passport, the customer will bear the charges for changing the name. We strongly recommend to mail us a scanned copy of passport before booking a ticket / hotel.

· Final handover of Hotel vouchers / Air tickets / Visa etc. will be done only upon receiving full and inal payment.

· Universal hotel check-in time is between 1400 hrs-1500 hrs and check- out time is between 1100 hrs-1200 hrs depending upon the property Early check-in & Late check- out is subject to availability of room, it depends on hotel. Early Check in and late checkout will be at additional cost and subject to availability and complete discretion of the hotel. Hotel may or may not provide early check in or late checkout irrespective of availability. Vkonnect Services Pvt. Ltd will not be responsible for any change in the policy of the hotel at any given time.

· Vkonnect Services Pvt. Ltd does not guarantee quality of service of the hotel and star rating of the hotel. We only recommend hotels basis their reviews and ratings placed on internet by the customers and our previous customer experience. Once a hotel is booked, the booking can be changed basis the cancellation policy of the hotel as well as Vkonnect Holidays. W e strongly recommend our customers to go through reviews and photographs of the hotels before making a booking.

· All our packages are based on Night basis and the last day is for check out which will be as per the hotel policy. Vkonnect Holidays will not be responsible for any extension of stay in the hotel unless explicitly approved in writing by Vkonnect Holidays.

· In case of any payment made on the online link through the Net Banking there will be a transaction charge of 2.5% of the total booking amount. In case of debit & credit Card the charges will be 4.8%. This amount is completely non-refundable in case of ANY/ALL cancellations, refunds etc. at any given point of time. This payment gateway charges will be deducted from the refund amount unless there is a waiver commitment from Vkonnect Holidays in writing. W e strongly recommend all our customers to take all the details in writing through our of? icial id.

· The airfares and taxes are calculated as on a mentioned date and time and any increase in the taxes or airfares will be borne by the customer.

· Grant of on Arrival visa depends on sole discretion of Immigration Authority and Vkonnect Holidays is not responsible for any non grant of Visa to traveller. In case the immigration does not provide Visa on Arrival for any reason, the Cancellation policy of Vkonnect Services Pvt. Ltd. will stand as it is.

· Kindly avoid being Over drunk by intake of hard drinks during the lights to avoid any Inconvenience during Visa on Arrival, Immigration and Custom Process.

· Passport copies are mandatory to send at the time of con? irming the Booking & passport should be valid for minimum 6 months from the date of departure from destination.

· After confirmation of services, if any one wish to change your travel arrangements in any way, for example After con irmation of services, if any one wish to change your travel arrangements i any way, for

exampleyour chosenyourchosendeparturedeparturdate dateoraccommodation,oraccmmdation,wewillwedowillourdoutmostourutmosttomaketomakethesethesechanges but it may

not always be possible. Any request for changes to be made must be in writing from the person who made the booking. All cost incurred due to amendment will be borne by yourself.

  • You, or any member of your party, may cancel their travel arrangements at any time. Written noti ication or an e-mail to that e ect from the person who made the booking must be received at our of ices. The applicable

cancellation charges are as per the published cancellation policy which is: Cancellation charges per person.

Payment & Pricing:

  • The price of your holiday has been quoted in both USD and INR. Since these prices are subject to currency uctuations – the higher of the two will be charged at the time of completion payment for your booking.

  • We urge our esteemed customers to make the complete payment at the time of booking to avoid any charges arising out of uctuations.

  • In case of part payments, Vkonnectholidays.com reserves all rights to charge the higher value applicable as per the quote, till the time nal payment does comes in

  • We reserve the right to cancel your booking in case full and nal payment is not made at the time of booking and later USD rate uctuates. To avoid such situations, please make full and nal

payment at the time of booking.

Payment by Credit Cards:

Your verbal authorization, given to your Travel Agent, for the use of your credit card indicates your compliance with our booking conditions and conFirm your reservation whether or not you have actually signed the appropriate authorization form. In the case where the traveller pays with a third person credit card, a written proof of consent must be provided. Once a credit card has been forwarded to Vkonnect Holidays to guarantee a reservation, the travel agent becomes responsible for payment and must keep a signed copy of the customer's authorization on ile. In the event that a cardholder refuses to honor a charge due to the absence of signature, the Travel Agent will be held responsible for full payment of the services.

Know your Customer:

As per RBI Guidelines, for any international booking being made, Vkonnectholidays.com will need a copy of passport of all the passengers travelling to the destination

Travel Insurance:

  • We strongly recommend customers purchase travel insurance that covers the risks associated with travelling to

a foreign country such as emergency medical assistance and hospitalization as well as cancellations coverage and lost baggage. Consult with your Travel Agent for the plan best suited to your needs.

During the period of travelling, any loss or damage caused to the customer shall be the sole responsibility of the customer only in case the insurance is not done. In case the insurance is done then Insurance Company is solely responsible for any such loss. Vkonnect Services Pvt Ltd shall NOT be responsible for any loss or damage caused to the customer while travelling even if Vkonnect Holidays has been instrumental in providing insurance to the customer through insurance company.

  • In the event of any dispute, the dispute shall be referred to the sole arbitrator to be appointed by Vkonnect Services pvt Ltd in Patna & Ranchi and the matter shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of Patna & Ranchi Courts only.

Taxes and Service Charges:

  • All tour packages are subject to various charges, such as destination hotel taxes and service charges, port taxes on cruises, local government taxes, handling charges as well as on packages inclusive of an airfare

, airport taxes, security fees and departure tax. All such charges, as known at the time of printing, are included in a Vkonnect Holidays package price. However, such charges are subject to change and unless a holiday package is fully paid any increase will be paid by the passenger.

  • At the hotels, Check in time is 1400 Hours and Check out time is 1200 Hours. Early check in / Late checkout is subject to availability of room.

All our packages are based on Night basis and the last day is for check out which will be as per the hotel policy. Vkonnect Holidays will not be responsible for any extension of stay in the hotel unless explicitly

approved in writing by Vkonnect Holidays.











Credit Policy for Travel Agents

If any travel agent avails services from the company taking credit from it and fails to clear the credit in

certain days, Vkonnect Holidays has right to take legal action against him. In such cases, they will be charged

some interest rates decided by the company itself. Firm legal steps will be taken if any fraud is found by them.

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